The Thunder Elemental is an optional boss in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. He is a knight surrounded by lightning who unleashes flashes of light.


The Thunder Elemental is an optional boss found in the Garden Forgotten by Time. He is a tall humanoid figure clad in armor who controls lightning. He wields a long, spiked staff which is kindled in lightning as well.

He mainly attacks by lunging toward the player and performing several attack combinations either by swinging, stabbing, or spinning the staff. If the player manages to break through his offense, he will get stun-locked and become open for several continuous hits. After sustaining enough damage, however, he will break free, retreat a little, and perform one of his many special attacks.

  • Impales his staff on the ground, calling forth several bolts of lightning around him.
  • Impales his staff on the ground, unleashing a large electric field around him.
  • Holds the staff above his head, calling with this a series of lightning bolts to fall directly on the player's current position and follow them as they move around.
  • After his first health bar has been depleted, he will gain a new attack where he gets surrounded by a purple aura and launches himself spinning forward through the air toward the player.

Once defeated, the player is awarded the Whip of Lightning.

Enemy Data

No. Name JPN HP
71 Thunder Elemental 1,500
Tolerance Weakness
Thunder Knife, Axe
Drop Location
Whip of Lightning Garden Forgotten by Time
Description "A knight surrounded by lightning who unleashes flashes of light."

Item Data

Item Data: Thunder Elemental
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Whip of Lightning Whip of Lightning (jpn) - Lament of Innocence [edit]
Lightning elemental added onto the Whip of Alchemy. Whip
Leon Belmont 
Attrib: Thunder
Drop: Thunder Elemental


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