"I come from 10000 years hence"
— Time Reaper, before fighting

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The Time Reaper is Galamoth's equivalent of Death from ten thousand years in the future. He is fought right after Aeon is defeated (or in Aeon's story, right after Dracula). He was sent by Galamoth to destroy Dracula. Aeon gathered 13 heroes (and villains) to stop him and challenges them against each other. One of the characters (whichever you play as) succeeds in defeating 9 other characters and defeating Aeon. After Aeon is defeated, the character enters the Time Reaper's area, and defeats the Time Reaper. It is unknown if the Time Reaper survived his defeat, although, like Death, would probably come back anyway. His appearance is similar to that of Death's in Curse of Darkness. His quote before fighting your character is: "I come from ten thousand years hence". The theme played during the fight is known as "Crucial Moment". If he is beaten on Brutal Mode, a mask modeled after the Time Reaper's face is obtained. In place of the flame symbol on the Time Reaper's face is a symbol representing the character that obtained it (red whip for Simon Belmont, a clock for Aeon, etc.).


The Time Reaper has a variety of attacks. During his first phase, he attacks in a pattern. First, he swipes at you with his scythe. Then, he laughs and summons dark spheres in random areas of the room. After this, he summons 3 spectral skulls that follow the player, which can be blocked. Next, he summons 3 blue spikes. After this, he charges up and releases a large explosion. He repeats after the explosion. During his second phase, which he activates after 1/3 of his life is gone, he gains the ability to summon something that can trap your player for a few seconds, which can be dodged. He now summons 5 spectral skulls and 5 blue spikes, along with being capable of creating a large dark beam. After 2/3 of his life is gone, he can summon two beams at the same time, which is very hard to dodge. In Brutal Mode, he can summon two beams during his second phase, and summon spectral skulls during his two beams in the third phase, and swipe his scythe twice in a row. He isn't easy to kill, but it is possible with the right amount of skills.

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