The Tower of Death is a location in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It consists of a series of corridors and halls which culminate in a big clock tower at its top, where Death resides. Stella will also duel the heroes in a lower part of the level. Both the Cog obtained in the Nation of Fools and the Toad Morph skill are required to get through the whole area.


The Tower of Death is like most other clock towers in the series, with spinning gears, Medusa Heads and spiked surfaces, but it also presents some new elements. At the beginning of the level, it has platforms that flip over and spikes on the floors, walls and ceilings. Then, as the player advances, floating platforms and rotating gears appear, along with breakable floor tiles that lead to pits with spikes. As the player approaches Death's room, his minions, Slogra and Gaibon can also be encountered. In Death's room, the outside of the castle can be seen.

Later on, there is a path leading to The Throne Room. On the opposite side, it also has an elevator shaft and a wind mill tower which contains the portrait leading to the Forest of Doom.


  • There exists a well-known glitch in this stage which may corrupt the user's save file the next time they use a Save Point, rendering the game unplayable anymore. This occurs if the player tries to skip the dialogue after defeating Death by pressing the START button. To avoid this from happening, the player may just scroll through the text quickly. If they want to make sure the glitch didn't come into effect, they may exit Death's boss room and re-enter it again. If the clock in the background looks normal, the player may then continue and save their game if they want. If, on the contrary, one of the portals from Death's chain grappling attack is hovering in the middle of the room, that means that the glitch took effect. The player is then advised to reset the game and continue from the last point they saved normally.


Tower of Death


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