This Demon is a distinguished soldier of Satan that Dracula encounters on the train, and is the first Satan's Soldier that he successfully manages to defeat. Unlike the other Soldiers that are encountered, the "Train's Demon", as it is referred to in concept art, has a unique black-and-red coloration, similar to that of Abaddon, a half-missing face, and horizontally-inclined horns rather than the vertical horns of the other soldiers. The demon engages in prolonged combat with Dracula on the train, killing the train driver along the way in order to prevent Dracula's survival. In spite of its efforts, Dracula manages to escape from the out-of-control train, and the demon is killed when the train crashes.



  • The Train's Demon, unlike any other Soldier of Satan, displays the ability to speak. It is unknown if this ability is unique to it, or if all soldiers of Satan are able to speak.
  • Much like the Keeper of the Void Sword, who is a boss version of a Dungeon Jailer, the demon on the train is a unique boss version of Soldiers.
  • The Train's Demon possesses two abilities that normal Satan's Soldiers don't have (or are not shown to use): teleportation and the ability to climb and crawl on both walls and the ceiling.
  • Unlike other bosses, the Train's Demon is weak against Stolas' Clock.
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