Dracula's CurseEdit

Trevor is the infamous forefather of Simon Belmont — the mighty warrior who pulverized Dracula in Castlevania and again in Simon's Quest. Trevor has a number of ogle but good attack items that have been given to him by the Poltergeist King. These include the Mystic Whip, Battle Axe, Banshee Boomerang, Dagger and Sacred Water. Trevor is also the master of special items, including a Pocket Watch, Invisibility Potion and the Rosary.

Curse of DarknessEdit

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The man who defeated Dracula three years ago. A descendant of the Belmont Clan, he wields the infamous whip, the Vampire Killer. He returns to Valachia after hearing rumors of a devil forgemaster once again stirring chaos in the land. Will he help Hector or try to destroy him?


He was one of the first Vampire Hunters to defeat Dracula. He also wields the whip called "Vampire Killer." Before he defeated Dracula, his amazing power caused people to fear him. The scar over his eye and chest are from his fight with Dracula. He is married to Sypha in his timeline.