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The Triple Axe Special (unofficial name) is the special attack for the Axe in Castlevania: Bloodlines. Three axes are thrown straightforward at different levels, one at knee level, another at head level, and another above head level, at different distances, with the lower ones further out than the upper ones. They spin stationary for a while, then charge forward again, with the higher ones moving faster than the lower ones.

Item Data[]

Item Data: Triple Axe Special
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Battle Axe Bloodlines Icon Battle Axe (Axe) - Bloodlines
  Special Weapon - John Morris, Eric Lecarde
Consume: 1 Jewel (4 when using special power)
Effect: Arc Throw
Special: Triple Axe Special
Evolve: Water Dragon (John) or Thunderbolt Spear (Eric) with Level 4 Primary Weapon and Jewels > 7



See also[]

  • Tomahawk Throw - An attack that throw one or two axes straight ahead.
  • Triple Axe - Another attack that throws three axes at the same time (in an arc).