The Triumph Hallway is a location in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and the castle entrance to Camilla's Castle. It appears similar to those found in Dracula's Castle, but unlike most games in the series, this is not the first stage played in the game.


This area can be accessed as soon as Nathan reaches the Audience Room. However, he'll soon find out no further progress can be achieved by visiting this place so early in the game. It's still worth visiting this area, though, as a candle holding a Cross sub-weapon can be found at the very entrance to the castle, and, if the player is lucky enough, a Clinking Man may drop a Prison Garb, an armor that bestows STR +5, DEF +20. Nathan should be cautious when dealing with the Flame Armor that is present at the castle's entrance, though, as for that point in the game, it is a rather strong enemy. However, one may take advantage of the early appearance of this Armored enemy for grinding.

The main purpose of this area, however, is to serve as a connector to the Underground Warehouse, a place which can only be accessed after Nathan obtains the Heavy Ring at the Underground Gallery.


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