The Underground Gallery is a location in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It is an underground area which consists on a big complex of tunnels and halls constructed since times long forgotten and which serve as the castle's foundations.


Statues of ancient warriors and old columns decorate the walls of this area. A diverse repertoire of creatures from different species inhabit its hallways, from Harpies, Imps, poisonous Killer Bees, Mantis-like creatures, and even hostile plantlife like Man Eaters and Myconids. But perhaps the most dangerous threat is presented by the Poison Armors that guard many strategic spots throughout the level.

Nathan must confront a pair of Dragon Zombies at the inner depths of this stage. While their bulky, rotten bodies impede them from moving around, their powerful attacks and their ability to generate earthquakes make this one of the most intense battles in the game. Upon their defeat, Nathan may then claim the Heavy Ring located in the next room.


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