For the Castlevania (N64) location, see Underground Waterway.
For the general environment, see Aqueducts, Sewers and Waterways.

The Underground Waterway is a location in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It consists of a series of waterworks and sewers. Powerful enemies are encountered here, including the female vampire, Camilla.


An especially difficult location, the Underground Waterway hosts some of the most powerful enemies in the game, ranging from airborne minions with great maneuverability, to freeze-inducing ones. The place is filled with many hindrances, like large poisoned bodies of water, platforms placed high above and far away from each other, a maze-like layout, puzzle elements, and only two Save Points placed in distant locations and almost at the middle and at the end of the stage. Not to mention one of the most powerful bosses in the game, Camilla.

But perhaps the most dangerous obstacles Nathan will face while traversing this place are the Ice Armors, as there are plenty of them positioned in strategic spots throughout the level and can withstand a lot of damage before dying. If they manage to hit Nathan with one of their ice spears, they'll freeze him, which paralyzes him for a considerable amount of time and greatly lowers his defenses. Since Ice Armors throw two spears in succession, and since they can be found in pairs most of the times, a successful attack, more likely than not, can send Nathan to an early grave in just one combo.

Once Nathan meets Camilla, she reveals her motives for resurrecting Dracula and how they desire the world sinking into darkness, thus reflecting humanity's true chaotic nature. She also mentions how Dracula even approves of Hugh for being more honest with his true feelings, and then she engages in battle. After Nathan defeats her, Camilla utters her final words revealing that the rite to return full power to Dracula is ready and that all that's missing is the coming of a full moon to carry it out. She dies after this, leaving Nathan with an urge to make haste and stop this from happening.


  • This area was designed in order to make the player collect the Cleansing necklace from the Underground Warehouse first. However, only a few rooms have pools with poisoned water at the beginning of the stage, and if the player manages to get through them, this location can be explored much earlier in the game.

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