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I have been playing games ever since I had the Xbox and had spent hours in various genre, and various systems like the PSP, and PC. I preferred Action-Adventure games focused on RPG or FPS mechanics, but recently developed a taste in Horror. However, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness was undeniably my first RPG game since 2005, and with this title, I started to gain an interest in the Castlevania series.

Then I tried the other Castlevania titles as well, continuing with Order of Shadows and Dawn of Sorrow for mobile phones, several years after finishing CoD. And probably because of too much interest in the series, I played every Metroidvania title there is for the handheld systems from GBA to the PSP.

I find the series full of consistent mechanics, where Dracula is almost always the final boss, and not fightning an incarnation of him leads to a bad ending. Recurring monsters, similar Entrances, Long-haired protagonists are very common, even the same Game Over music had been remixed for all titles.


Note: I used emulators for playing most of these.
List of Castlevania Games Played
Game Notes
CoD Xbox Cover
Curse of Darkness
 - Finished Normal Mode
 - Finished Trevor Mode
 - Unlocked Chauve-souris and The End evolution
 - Finished the two Towers
 - Defeated Nuculais and Unlocked Boss Rush Mode
 - Unlocked Crazy Mode

Crazy Mode is absolutely crazy, that you tickle enemies at the early stages while they instantly squash you like an ant. I easily gave up on this difficulty level.

Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow - (NA) - 02
Dawn of Sorrow
 - Finished Normal Mode
 - Unlocked Julius Mode

I have played both the Mobile (Java) and Nintendo DS versions, and was able to spot the numerous differences and features omitted in the cellphone port. It was very easy to max out Soma and obtain the Death Scythe in that port, so I was challenged by the DS version.

Order of Shadows
Order of Shadows
 - Finished Normal Mode
 - Finished Hard Mode

The protagonist had a spiky hair. The final boss battle against Dracula was irritating as well.

Dracula X Chronicles - Cover - US - 01
The Dracula X Chronicles
 - Unlocked Maria Renard
 - Finished True Ending
 - Found all Alternate Stages
 - Defeated all Bosses

Four Words: Maria is a Loli

Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (gamebox)
Symphony of the Night
 - Finished Normal Mode
 - Unlocked Richter Belmont
 - Unlocked Maria Renard
 - Had a Thief Mode save file
 - Had an Old Axe Armor Mode save file

The PSP plays the SoTN port using its built-in PSOne emulator. I played this on the PPSSPP emulator. An emulator inside another emulator causes lags. Therefore, my gameplay of this is slow.

Castlevania - Rondo of Blood - 01
Rondo of Blood
 - Not yet Finished

But I have finished the DXC Remake - It might actually count as having completed this original title...

Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow - (EU) - 02
Aria of Sorrow
 - Finished Normal Mode

The art is good for a GBA game. And since Soma cannot release souls here, I consider the Headhunter to be the most useful one.

Castlevania - Circle of the Moon - (NA) - 01
Circle of the Moon
 - Not yet Finished

Such simplified graphics and 8-bit-like sounds make this a real retro game. Precise jumping is quite difficult to master at first.

Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance - (EU) - 01
Harmony of Dissonance
 - Not yet Finished

Cel-shaded characters and enemies. However, the action is fast in this game, and Juste can run very fast given the small sizes of the rooms.

Order of Ecclesia - Cover -
Order of Ecclesia
 - Finished Normal Mode
 - Finished Albus Mode
 - Finished Hard Mode Lv. 1
 - Unlocked Hard Mode Lv. 50
 - Unlocked Level 255 Cap

Albus is OP; he can cheat using the teleport, fire his weapon like a handheld mini-gun, and earns 4x Attribute Points than Shanoa. Playing him was a breeze.

Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin - (NA) - 01
Portrait of Ruin
 - Finished Normal Mode
 - Unlocked Richter Mode
 - Unlocked Sisters Mode

The Poison vs. Poison got stuck in my quest list when I sold the Long Sword, which is found only in the City of Haze. Also, I am still unable to get that 888% map completion rate, so no Nest of Evil yet.

Lords of Shadow 2
 - Finished Normal Mode

My thoughts on this second game of the reboot is that - LoS seems to be a combination of the popular Hack-and-Slash and Platforming games such as Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, and God of War.

Castlevania - Lament of Innocence - (NA) - 02
Lament of Innocence
 - Finished Normal Leon Playthrough
 -Unlocked Joachim Mode

Very short compared to Curse of Darkness. But since this is a Belmont-based game focused on exploration, the problem of level-grinding and weapon-crafting does not exist. Aside from Svarog, all other relics are actually optional in beating the game's final boss.

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