Ishi Clarke

aka Jack Jordan

  • I live in Dothan, AL
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Video Gamer
  • I am Male

Well met, stranger. I am just another denizen of Castlevania, though not an evil one. If you need a name to call me by, let it be Ishi Clarke. I have knowledge of the forces of evil that Count Dracula himself has at his command, and I may be able to offer you that knowledge, in exchange for a minor request. All I ask is that you make no attempt to bring me out of the castle after Dracula's defeat. Its a hard choice, but I'm sticking with it until I know for sure that Dracula will not be coming back to haunt this world.


Why doesn't this logic work in D&D? You got some serious DPS, and a self-sufficient tank! Where's the flaw in this?

Still, that's probably not what you want to know, is it? What playstyle do I prefer, you may ask? I prefer the methods of a Fighter, always choosing to neglect mental strength, instead favoring a higher degree of Strength and Defense. You might see the same in Jonathan Morris, or dare I mention the Belmont name?

Whatever the case may be, I'm afraid I cannot help you now. A disturbing matter further inside the castle beckons for me. Perhaps we'll meet again. Until then, good luck and good hunting, fellow hunters.

Notable Mistakes and Failures


  • Medusa Head + Spikes + Hard Mode?: OUCH!! Hey, did I lose a foot? - 1, after having a time flinging into a Medusa Head like a suicidal being.
  • Water?!: What kind of vampire hunter doesn't know how to hold their breath underwater?! - ? (estimated to be a lot, though). Dang it Belmont, get a swimming teacher! At least we have an idea of why Alucard took damage from water in SotN, as well as Nathan Graves being hurt by the cursed water from Circle of the Moon without Cleansing.
  • Random Sickles + Scythe?: OW-OW-OW-OW-- *blech* - ? (estimated to be a lot, though). Geez, Death, cheap much?
  • Charmed?: Oh curses, she turned my strengths against the frail witch, time to get her out of here-- *SMACK!* - 2. Sorry, Charlotte! "You're asking for it!"
  • Dracula Charge Speed Engage!: Alright, the battle's going nice so far, he's taken a great deal-- wait, why is he rearing back? HOLY-- *RAM!* Ouchies...... - 2. Seriously, THAT HURTS! Unless you're a Fighter. In which case, well, don't get hit too much still.
  • Jiang Shi Feeding: Ok, low HP, moderately low attack power, some wings, and a guy who simply jumps forward half the time. Sounds easy-- wait, he's not trying to be naughty with Shanoa, is he? *AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!* - 1. Darn it, he was. Probably should have equipped some Death Rings too. (Yeah, HP was THAT low, and I didn't feel like using an item. Stupid Double Hammers....)
  • I'm Taking You With Me, Scum of a Belmont!: HAH! Beat ya, Drac!-- *dies too due to a fire pillar* - 1. >.< That's a draw, darn it! How is a draw a Game Over?!
  • Soul Steal!: Ok, looks solid so far. Just gotta-- *SOUL STEAL!* ... 220 HP? Probably dead-- *I will WRING THE LIFE FROM YOU!* *soul stolen* - 1. Sidenote here, but I'm disappointed in how Shanoa died there. I was expecting something like her actually being reduced to a skeleton there. But I'm letting my experiences from survival horror get the better of me, aren't I, Isaac?
  • Wereslashing: Ok, now.... a level 22 Old Axe Armor versus the Werewolf! How well does Jonathan think it'll go? - 1. Nope. It was a good plan in.... actually, now that I think about it, it wasn't so good a plan, was it? He lasted longer than the usual victim.
  • Spike Tennis: Woohoo, the Black Marble Gallery! Time to go to the Clock Room-- *almost gets spiked by a moving spike, but its counterpart goes anyway* Oh, cool, barely dodged-- *smacked by a Jack O'Bones* Ow, my face-- *spike tennis'd to death!* - 1. Wow. Good thing the Faerie was around, because that is a really embarrassing way to die in Alucard's case.
  • Demonic Meggido!: Alright, time to bring out Dominus-- *just does an incompatible Union* What!?! How can Dominus just straight up fail like that?! *DEMONIC MEGGIDO!* - 1. Oh. Whoops. Note to self: Do not equip the same piece of Dominus to both of Shanoa's arms. You're just gonna give Dracula another reason to laugh.
  • Stomped by a Menace: Okay, so we have a big monstronsity, accompanied by a small army of leeches. Well, what's the worst that could happen there?  *STOMPED!*  Ouch... - 1. Well, Soma will feel that one in the morning. Assuming there's a morning to wake up to.

Painful Mistakes:

  • Just Spikes: Well, time to avoid this stupid Medusa-- wait, why is the ceiling moving away from me? *SPIKED!* - 2. Well, still painful, but not as painful as when you're petrified.
  • Fire Trap: Ok, these traps don't look-- ACK! STOP, DROP AND ROLL! - ? (estimated to be a lot, though). Yeouch! I think my mind needs an improvement.
  • Slapped by a Vampire: Ok, this doesn't look too bad. Just gotta jump over him and-- *SLAP!* - 2. And now I took some fire to the face. Thanks, Count!
  • How DARE YOU! Even forgetting! Your stupid mistake count! You! STUPID DISCIPLE! - ? (Well, he had a point, but....). Would you kindly SHUT UP?! *Secare Union to the neck* Ok, yeah, I have to agree with Shanoa here, he definitely was a victim of being driven insane by something, Dominus or not.
  • HYDRO STORM!: Oops. Richter's gone mad now. Better not try to hurt him anymore. Hey, what's he doing-- *HYDRO STORM!* *tries to Mist through the storm, but fails miserably, leading to a drenched Alucard* - 1. *wait for it...* WHAT!?!... *checks through the Relic list* ... Oh. Whoops. Another note to self: Power of Mist = extended form, NOT the second burst that is simply Form of Mist.
  • Room Booting: Alright, that's a Dragon Zombie and some mummies taken care of. Time to go deeper into the pyramid-- *enters the next room only to mysteriously get thrown back* -- oof! Wait, wha? What just hit me!?! - 1. Seriously. Still scratching my head on that one. Low blow, dude. Low blow.

Testing Dummy Ouchies (in the name of Castlevania science!):

  • Poor Alucard: Hmm... overshooting blood, literally melting into water droplets, shattered to bits, burnt into nothingness, frozen solid, shocked into nothingness... am I missing anything here? *HUAAAAAAAAGGGGHH!!* No, Alucard, not that. Geez... - ? (estimated to be a lot :P Seriously, though, pretty cool death animations for various different elements. If only there was one that turned the poor guy into a skeleton... but then again, no complaints here. Some are... questioned, however... an example, Alucard sent flying just because he died eating an Amanita? Really? Kill physics much?)

Watching you suffer will please me greatly.... I eagerly await you, hunter!


That looks unsafe-- *SLAM!* Shanoa? You alright in there-- *creak* -- .... Abram! I think we need a Super Potion!

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