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VS. Castlevania is an arcade port of the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Castlevania that was released for the Nintendo VS. System hardware in 1987.

The game was later made available on Arcade Archives for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on October 2019.


VS. Castlevania differs from the console version as the game's difficulty has been raised to make it more suitable for arcade play: the time limit is much stricter (e.g.: 170 seconds are given to clear Block 1 instead of 300), enemies do more damage and less bonus points are given at the end of each block (making extra lives much more difficult to obtain). The difficulty level, starting number of lives and bonus points awarded at the end of each "block" can be altered by adjusting the DIP switches on the actual board.

Despite the addition of the word "VS." to the title, the game can only be played by one player, although the PCB can be set up to run at two monitors at the same time when installed on a VS. DualSystem cabinet. The palette is also a bit different due to the video output of the VS. System.


During the early years of the NES, Konami market-tested a few of their games in North America by distributing arcade versions before releasing them to retail stores. The lineup consisted of VS. Top Gun, VS. Gradius, VS. The Goonies (which only saw a retail release in Japan) and this game.


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