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Vampire Killer is the Super Finisher attack for Simon Belmont and Trevor Belmont in Castlevania Judgment. They each have their own versions of the attack.

Simon version[]

Simon charges at his enemy and hits them onward to connect the Super Finisher. He charges his whip and the Golden Cross on his back glows brightly. He rushes at his victim while they fail to block unable to comprehend his speed and power. Simon whips his victim five times vertically and charges his whip another time with more power before hitting his victim another ninety three times creating an illusion of a sphere. Simon ends it with a final two powerful hits totaling the combo to 99 hits. Simon lands on the ground and explains to his victim the power of a Belmont.

Trevor version[]

Trevor crouches down and then rushes toward his opponent. He then sends the whip straight toward his opponent, which makes its mark in a drawn out attack and goes right through them, reminiscent of a whip attack in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse and other early Castlevania games. A giant cross similar to a Grand Cross appears behind them when struck. He retracts his whip and declares "It is finished" and the cross symbol on his back glows similarly to the cross that had appeared near his opponent.

Item Data[]

Item Data: Vampire Killer
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Vampire Killer (Simon Version) - Judgment
  Move (Super Finisher) - Simon
Connects with whip, then rushes opponent and launches them into the air, lashing several times on the way up, then strikes in all direction, eventually forming a spherical pattern, then lashes one more time for major damage. Sequence: Press Super Finisher button when Skill Gauge full
Vampire Killer (Trevor Version) - Judgment
  Move (Super Finisher) - Trevor
Runs towards opponent and then hits them with a drawn out straight whip attack. A Grand Cross appears behind his opponent when struck. Sequence: Press Super Finisher button when Skill Gauge full