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Grant Danasty Judgment

Venus is a Ring used by Grant Danasty in Castlevania Judgment. Eight daggers protrude from it like spikes. It is possible that the Venus is used to holster some of Grant's throwing daggers, though this is not shown in the game. The Venus can be used for slicing attacks as well as thrown.

Item Data[]

Item Data: Venus Attacks
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Grant's Directional Combo Attack - Judgment
  Move (Normal Combo Attack - Directional) - Grant
(A Back Flip Ring attack) Sequence: (After Grant's Directional Attack) Normal Attack
It Slices (jpn) - Judgment
  Move (Finisher) - Grant
(A Ring attack) Sequence: Special + Normal Attack (can be followed by It Dices)
It Dices (jpn) - Judgment
  Move (Finisher Combo Attack) - Grant
(A Ring attack) Sequence: (After a It Slices) Special + Normal Attack (can be followed by Flea Flicker Finish)
Flea Flicker Finish (jpn) - Judgment
  Move (Finisher Combo Attack - Extended) - Grant
(A Ring Somersault attack) Sequence: (After a It Dices) Special + Normal Attack
Aerial Venus (jpn) - Judgment
  Move (Finisher Combo Attack - Moving) - Grant
(A Ring throwing attack) Sequence: (any time after a Dagger Toss or Dagger Storm if still in special stance) Special + Normal Attack (special stance exits)
Throwing Venus (jpn) - Judgment
  Move (Finisher - Jumping) - Grant Danasty
(An aerial Ring throwing attack) Sequence: Special + Normal Attack while jumping
Blinding Speed - Judgment
  Move (Block Breaker) - Grant
A Ring attack. Sequence: Block + Normal Attack