The Vertical Prison is a location in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. It is the ninth area Simon explores.


Simon's journey

A large vertical passage suffering from a bit of flooding, its hanging cells worn and uninhabitable. A quick flip of a switch will make the tower's plight worse, as its lower portion will become flooded. In order to reach the top, Simon will have to slowly swim/climb his way upward and activate more switches, which will continue flooding the passage and supplying vertical access.

A scant few Skeleton Warriors will put up resistance, but they can be otherwise drowned if SImon flood their territory before swimming through it to find the next switch/prize. Simon's flooding of the prison, as we see in other cut-scene, leads to the cracking of its foundation on the right side, causing a sinkhole that empties the prison of its liquid content while completely filling a ditch outside the castle walls.

Trevor's journey

This previously unnavigated portion of the cave-like Vertical Prison is flooded, its underwater interior a maze of corridors. A quick ride over a magnetic rail will net a locked gate. Trevor will have dive down into the pool, swim through the corridors, and find the correct path to a switch that opens a drain, through which he can reach solid ground. Since he can't hold his breath indefinitely, he'll have to stop to grab some air via the pressurized, bubble-spewing vents; mermen tadpoles will attempt to stall his progress in addition to damaging him.

Trevor's trek through the Prison entails a puzzle: he'll have to use two types of magic to correctly illuminate symbols that act as a locksafe for the area's exit point. To do this requires that he grapple, ledge-hop, and ride across rails--to climb the walls and hanging cells that lead up to the remains of his fallen comrades, whose four Fallen Knight Scrolls reveal the symbols' color pattern; steam- and fire-spewing obstacles will of course impede him. Too, he'll happen upon a fifth comrade who was carrying a Dark Magic Medallion; he was, that is, until Trevor took it as his own. When all such knowledge has been accrued, he'll drop down, endure a forced battle with mermen hunters and giant bats, input the correct code, and leave this wretched place.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Vertical Prison
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Enemies Fought By Simon
MoFSkeletonWarrior.png Skeleton Warrior  [alt] [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
Despite being dead, the remains of these warriors retain an echo of what they once were when alive and so continue to defend the castle. Loyal to their new lord, they keep watch tirelessly over every corner of the fortress, hunting intruders and never abandoning their posts for as long as their bones endure. Weak: Boomerang
Difficulty: 1/5
HP: 80
Exp: 25
Drop: 10 Magic
Cells, Inner Cells, Vertical Prison, Courtyard, Belfry, Castle Entrance, Crypt, Cemetery
Enemies Fought By Trevor
MoF-Merman Tadpole-Bestiary.png Merman Tadpole  [alt] [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
During hunting forays on the surface, the mermen throw live captives to their offspring awaiting below the surface. Although not yet fully developed, the tadpoles have jaw dimensions similar to that of their parents, which they use to tear apart the bodies of their prey. HP: Cannot be damaged
Drop: 10 Magic
Forgotten Caves, Abandoned Mine, Cells, Vertical Prison
HunterMerman.png Hunter Merman  [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
Some mermen have developed special glands in their mouths which deliver a powerful toxin. This sticky substance is spat on their prey, rendering their enemies completely paralyzed. Difficulty: 2/5
HP: 125
Exp: 75
Drop: 20 Magic
Cells, Vertical Prison, Abandoned Mine
MoFGiantBat.png Giant Bat  [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
With the arrival of the vampires, the bats accustomed to the darkness and putrefaction of the lower sections of the castle, began to feed on the blood that their new masters offered them. Quickly, these tiny, defenseless creatures grew disproportionately and became dangerous predators, devouring creatures that had once preyed upon them. Weak: Boomerang
Difficulty: 2/5
HP: 95
Exp: 60
Unholy Church, Castle Hall, Games Room, Cells, Vertical Prison

Item Data

Item Data: Vertical Prison
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Items Found By Simon
Fallen Knight Scroll#11 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
I found a note with the following instructions: 'The worst prisoners must be isolated from the rest and taken to cells with the levers inside. The mechanisms once activated allow water into the gallery, drowning all of the convicts in the lower sections'. I wonder at the cruelty of this place and feel the last remnants of any hope leave my soul. Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Vertical Prison
Drop: Experience
Fallen Knight Scroll#12 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
I will die in this cell tonight. I will end my life with one final act of cowardice, with great shame in my heart, i shall take my own life. I refuse to watch the beasts remove the flesh from my bones. I will deny them my screams. Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Vertical Prison
Drop: Experience
Health Chest - Mirror of Fate [edit]
If you find one of these chests you can open it as instructed. They will contain upgrades that will extend the capacity of your Health Bar. Item (Chest)
Find: Forgotten Caves, Deadly Waterfalls, Inner Cells, Vertical Prison, Toy Maker's Funfair, Toys Assembly Line, Toy Maker's Workshop, Resurrection Room, Kitchen, Abandoned Mine, Castle Hall, Clock Tower, Entrance Bridge, Cells
Items Found By Trevor
Magic Chest - Mirror of Fate [edit]
If you find one of these chests you can open it as instructed. They will contain upgrades that will extend the capacity of your Magic Bar. Item (Chest)
Find: Deadly Waterfalls, Library, Guards Room, Inner Cells, Theatre, Toys Assembly Line, Clock Room, Toy Maker's Workshop, Carousel's Engine, Vampire's Tower, Kitchen, Vertical Prison, Games Room, Crypt, Cells
Fallen Knight Scroll#60 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Bad fortune seems to follow my every turn. Of all the corridors open to me, why did I choose this one? Instead of salvation I find my death. Alas it was my last bad choice. Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Vertical Prison
Drop: Experience
Bestiary Card - Hunter Merman - Mirror of Fate [edit]
' Item
Find: Vertical Prison
Effect: Unlock the Hunter Merman bestiary entry.
Fallen Knight Scroll#61 - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Locked in this cell there is no escape for me now. On the wall are the markings of so many who have suffered the same fate. Look there, some fellow by the name of chupacabras...What a strange name for a member of the brotherhood! Fallen Knight Scroll
Find: Vertical Prison
Drop: Experience
Ammo Upgrade Chest - Mirror of Fate [edit]
These chests store 'ammo upgrades' for your secondary weapons allowing you to carry larger numbers of these weapons. Item (Chest)
Find: Castle's Outer Wall, Forgotten Caves, Guards Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Toy Maker's Workshop, Vampire's Tower, Throne Entrance, Abandoned Mine, Cemetery, Cells, Crypt's Labyrinth, Vertical Prison
Dark Magic Icon.png Dark Magic - Mirror of Fate [edit]
The Dark Magic increases the damage wreaked by Trevor's combat cross. (...) Magic Power (Sacred Power)



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