Victory Plaza (1)

The Victory Plaza is an open, urban public area within Castlevania City. It houses the military building where Nergal Meslamstea resides, as well as a rundown hotel that hides a small lab where Bioquimek Scientists keep the antidote that cures the virus infecting Possessed Citizens.


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  • According to the City Memorial "Victory Plaza and the Cinema", the plaza had seen the development of many contemporary artists over the years, as well as serve as inspiration for several novels and films.
    • One of these legends, "Alucard, the Vampire", was adapted into a film which debuted in 1982. Highly controversial at the time, the movie recounted how Alucard would feed off the blood of beautiful women who stayed at the plaza hotel without killing them. It went so far as to suggest that these women were enchanted into giving their blood, some of whom even fell in love with the vampire. The film was rejected by the most conservative members of the church, but was a critical and commercial success with critics and audiences alike.
  • Victor Belmont would eventually sacrifice his life in the plaza in order for his ancestor, Gabriel Belmont, to find and destroy the second of Satan's Acolytes.
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