Viktor Leonid Totoyan is a character in the graphic novel Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy, published by IDW. He is Gaspar Totoyan's grandson and the younger brother of Pascha.


When Christopher Belmont refuses to allow his wife Illyana to participate in the siege on Dracula's Castle, Gaspar assigned Viktor to remain behind as her guard in the event Dracula's forces attempted to kidnap her.

Despite his protests, Viktor is unable to convince Illyana to heed her husband's warnings and is forced to accompany her as she sets out for Castle Dracula on her own, taking a different route from Christopher's party to avoid detection.

This would prove their undoing, as they were accosted by none other than Dracula, who seeks to abduct Illyana as a bride for himself. Despite his best efforts, Viktor is easily overpowered by the vampire, who proceeds to bite him before throwing him off a cliff.

Reviving as a vampire under Dracula's command, he attacked Christopher's party only to be driven off after biting Gaspar. He would return shortly after Gaspar turned, only to be slain by a remorseful Pascha - his last words voicing his shock at her killing him.

Following Dracula's defeat and Pascha's adoption into the Belmont Family, Victor's remains were buried alongside Gaspar's in the Belmont Family cemetery.

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