The Visitor is a minor antagonist introduced in Season 3 of the Castlevania animated series. It is a night creature who attacked the village of Lindenfeld and whose goal was to bring Dracula back from Hell.


The Visitor attacked the village of Lindenfeld one night, along with other creatures. Finding itself cornered by a troop of soldiers led by the Judge, it fled and hid inside the town's priory, where it corrupted Sala and the rest of the monks.

The Visitor was then crucified by the monks as part of a dark ritual to open the Infinite Corridor and bring Dracula back from the dead. They used its blood and alchemy symbols to sacrifice the souls of the villagers of Lindenfeld so the Visitor could open the portal.

The Visitor was freed when the portal was finally opened, but it was ultimately destroyed by the combined efforts of Saint Germain and Trevor Belmont.


Season 3
301. Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
302. The Reparation of My Heart
303. Investigators
304. I Have a Scheme
305. A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
306. The Good Dream
307. Worse Things Than Betrayal
308. What the Night Brings
309. The Harvest
310. Abandon All Hope



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  • One of the Visitor's most characteristic features are its many vertically-oriented eyes, which share a remarkable similarity to the magical eyes that appear on the foreheads of people enslaved by the Magician. However, it's unclear if there's any connection between both; more so, because Lindenfeld –where the Visitor was held captive– and the town where the Magician attacked are implied to be very distant from each other.
  • Despite not having the usual red glowing eyes that are indicative of Isaac's forging, it was confirmed by Sala in Season 3, Episode 8 that the Visitor was in fact forged by Isaac.
  • The Visitor was acting out of Isaac's subconscious will to bring Dracula back from Hell. It wasn’t a direct order, but a reaction to Isaac's trauma.[1]


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