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"He has unfinished business, sir. He owes us death. Death in volumes unprecedented. His great work remains incomplete."
Varney explaining why Dracula should be brought back to life.

Walk Away is the third episode of the fourth season, and the 25th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Isaac gets under Varney's skin. Vampires Morana and Striga receive an urgent message from Carmilla. Belmont and Sypha get a look at Targoviste.


Old Magician's town

The intelligent night creature, Flyseyes, decides to speak directly with the Forgemaster. Isaac relaxes while his soldiers fix up the Magician's city. Flyseyes asks Isaac why he makes the demons go against their nature, fixing and working rather than killing. Isaac offers Flyseyes a berry and explains that the night creatures are tools he can do with as he sees fit. They will leave soon, and Isaac wants to leave behind somewhere people can come and populate. Flyseyes can remember his human life when he tastes the berry, proving he's more than just a tool to Isaac.

Isaac believes that he will empty Hell and all the damned souls will earn their penance under his command. He asks Flyseyes if their penance should be as eternal as their damnation, but neither knows the answer. Isaac wants to do more than they were intended for, and Flyseyes notes that the Forgemaster is changing. There is more than just revenge to him now, but Isaac is always fighting for something.

After leaving Flyseyes, Isaac goes to the old Magician's study and expresses his desire to live his own story from now on. He acknowledges that he's changed and has agency in the world now. Isaac claims to have the ability to create futures and end them. Satisfied with his achievements thus far, Isaac looks to the future, excited by the uncertainty of not knowing what he'll do next.

Sir Mirror sends a message from Varney to Isaac. The vampire requests aid with reviving Dracula, but Isaac refuses and demands he never contact him again. This irritates Varney, but he's still prepared to along with the resurrection without the help of Dracula's favored Forgemaster.

Styrian camp

Outside Styria, marking the logistics for Carmilla's plan, Striga and Morana return to camp. Morana is frustrated with all the work they've been doing and doesn't know if they will be able to consistently maintain all this territory. Their conversation is interrupted by a group of humans attacking the vampire camp. Striga dawns her armor and kills most of the resistance, calling her soldiers to arms.

Afterward, Striga finds Morana again and admits that the opposition were not even fighters. They were just scared of commonfolk fighting for their lives. Striga recognizes that she can fight Carmilla's war, but she'll be fighting forever. Morana will be planning it forever, and they'll be separated. Both of them are unsure if this is what they want when they can do so much else together. Carmilla contacts them by transmission mirror and claims Hector is ready to forge their army.


Trevor and Sypha walk around the decimated city wondering why it's still in such horrible condition from Dracula's first attack on Humanity. They believe they've been lead back to this place for a reason, wondering how they fit into this. Trevor takes the magic stone he got from the guards of the underground court and combines it with a magic tool he found.

Zamfir finds the duo but they refuse to help her impose order. Trevor and Sypha will decide on their own if they decide to help, no longer desiring to be a player in someone else's story.



Flyseyes: Who's a pretty girl then?, Who's a pretty girl? That's right. You are.
Isaac: And who you might you be?
Varney: Do you not remember me?
Isaac: You do not look memorable.
Varney: Varney. Varney of Dracula's original cohort. I left for Targoviste early in the campaign.
Isaac: Why are you connecting to my mirror, Varney?
Varney: I have spoken with people who marked your passage across the land. You have done great work, sir. I am working to bring about Dracula's return from the dead, Isaac Forgemaster.
Isaac: How very interesting.
Varney: It's more than that. I've been speaking with magician and scholars across the land. Both vampire and human. Working together to collect ancient spell and lore. Constructing a system with which to pluck Dracula from hell and reinstall him in the world with power.
Isaac: To what end?
Varney: He has unfinished business, sir. He owes us death. Death in volumes unprecedented. His great work remains incomplete.
Isaac: So does mine, Varney.
Varney: Well, is your as important as the extinction of the race that killed his wife? The race that you yourself hate?
Isaac: It is to me. Afterward, we will see.
Varney: I expected better than that of Dracula's favored forgemaster.
Isaac: Then, come daylight, you can wriggle in your little coffin with disappointment. But do it quietly, as I do not wish to hear your voice again until my own task is complete. Sir Mirror, do not allow this one to call me again, and go to to sleep.
Varney: *** you...
Morana: There will be suffering.
Striga: It's war, Morana. There's always suffering.
Morana: It's not war. There are no two sides to this. It's a rolling invasion and entrapment of hundreds of thousands of humans. Humans who are, sadly, cleverer than pigs and will fight and suffer and fear and run.
Striga: Then I choose a different word. It's "battle".
Morana: I came out here with you because I wanted to see for myself the logistical challenges to the plan.
Striga: And I told you, you didn't have to. I'd survey the theater of combat and let you know what I needed. Also... you're the one who asked me if I wanted to command an empire.
Morana: Yes I know. It made a lot more sense back home.
Striga: Focus, Morana.
Morana: Don't talk down to me because I am not a soldier. This is going to be a horrifying mess that we will be dealing with till the end of our days, and it will cause more suffering than history has yet seen!
Striga: Don't condescend to me because I am a soldier. I win wars. Are you suddenly doubting me after all this time, because your legs are sore from living my life.
Morana: Are you ready to fight the same war over and over again for the rest of your life?
Striga: I want to be wrong. I want you to be wrong. We could do it.
Morana: We could do it. But we'd be doing it forever. You'd be out here fighting forever. I'd be back at Styria trying to keep supply lines intact forever.
Striga: And we'd never see each other again.
Morana: I am sorry. I want to be wrong.
Striga: We're in the cold light of day, ha! And Carmilla's grand plan...
Morana: The humans are going to fight for their place in the world. Constantly.
Striga: In the cold light of day, I have to ask myself this. Do I want this? Do we want this... when can do so much else together?


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