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You begin your adventure in the forest. Unlike previous games, you cannot use sub-weapons because there are none, so you can only rely on your whip to progress.

Destroy the first candles to collect coins and your first upgrades. You will be able to shoot fireballs with your whip. While progressing, eliminate the mud men falling from above as well as the creepers. Then climb to your first rope, where you will make your first encounter with the Big Eye, a recurring enemy of the game. Continue to progress and destroy the candle containing the crucifix to climb the next rope without taking damage from the falling eye. You will then arrive at a new portion of the level, infested with creepers and ravens. To kill the latters, wait until they are behind you, turn around and kill them when they are within your reach. Keep moving.

Dorakyura Densetsu Skip 1st Candle

A small ascent awaits you, with giant eyes falling towards you. To pass without problem, destroy the candles imperatively: if some contain gold or hearts to regain your potentially lost energy, others contain crucifixes allowing you to climb the ropes without risking to be struck by an falling eye. Climbing straight with the last rope, you will discover a secret room containing bonuses and an extra life. Go back down and continue your way.

You arrive in front of a cemetery. Progress by destroying enemies falling from the sky as well as birds rushing towards you. You will quickly arrive at the first platform phases of the game :

  • Jump on the platforms falling in the void. Be careful, they fall very quickly!
  • Jump on the small floating pillars while taking care of the bats. Unlike the previous platform phase, this one is quite long, but not fatal. You will, however, have to start from the beginning to try again, but you can also take the opportunity to collect some bonus.

You will find yourself in a dead end. Destroy the candle to reveal a Flashing Crystal. Take it, the boss Gobanz will appear. You can only hurt him in hand-to-hand combat, your fireball fired by the whip will only bounce off him. So make sure to back down each time you inflict damage so that it does not hurt you with his weapon. Also remember to use the platforms to get past him if you ever get stuck on the edge of the screen.

Once the boss is defeated, you can move on to the next level.

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