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You have arrived in the caves. Be careful to bats waiting for your movements to attack you. Try to destroy them by taking the crucifix hidden in a candle or go away.

Further, you will face two punaguchis, another recurring enemy of the game. Destroy them while avoiding their projectile bouncing off the walls. Then, two paths are open to you:

  • Go over but fight with another Punaguchi.
  • Go underneath but fight with a night stalker which you have to bend or jump to avoid his boomerangs.
Dorakyura Densetsu 2nd fork Right path lvl 2

A long descent awaits you, where you have to destroy some punaguchis and jump from platforms to platforms while being careful not to fall into the void. You will land in front of a very long bridge from which roll big eyes. You can destroy them with your whip, but know that the following explosion can destroy some plots of the bridge. Thus, if you don't want to focus on a second obstacle during the crossing, it will be better for you to jump over the eyeballs, but the timing will have to be precise.

Once the crossing is over, go down and you will find yourself at an intersection. You can also try to cross falling platforms in order to take an extra life, however you will only be entitled to one trial.

At the intersection, take the right path, you will come to another intersection. While taking the crucifix in one of the two candles, take the left path where big eyes will follow you. Wait for the passage of one or two eyes and destroy them when they are on the third great pillar: a secret passage, full of bonuses, will open. Keep going down to find yourself facing two night stalkers that you will have to shoot down.

By going down again, you will find yourself in a room pierced with holes in the wall. Destroy the candle to reveal a Flashing Crystal. Take it, the bosses Under Moles will appear. Just be content to destroy the enemies as they get out of their hole. The highest one requires a little patience to get out of the hole so you can destroy it when it's on the ground.

If you manage to arrive to the boss room with the fireball whip upgrade the best strategy is to stay between the hole furthest to the right and the one near the middle, you should easily be able to kill the moles on the 2 nearest hole by just whipping while crouching or jumping the mole on the highest hole will always leap into a position where you can hit hime eally and the the hole nearest to the left can be reach with a fireball.

Once the bosses are defeated, you can move on to the next level.

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