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You have arrived in a mechanical tower. Your progression must be fast because the ceiling will constantly threaten to crush you. To get by, two ways will be available to you:

  • Three times you will come across a mechanism that raises and lowers the ceiling. Destroy it and the ceiling will rise, allowing you to continue your progress safely.
  • A few times, the ceiling will be close to crushing you, without any mechanism in sight but with a safe spot where the ceiling will be higher than usual. Head over there and crouch down and wait for the ceiling to rise enough for you to move forward.

You will arrive at a second section. This time, a spike-laden floor will pursue you. Grip on the rope and climb as fast as you can. The ascencion will be very long and will not be done without obstacles: you will have to go from one rope to another, cross falling platforms and floating pillars, and especially get rid of she worms. And if you don't inflict enough damage on its, they will roll into a ball to stomp on you, slowing your progress.

Be quick and precise in your jumps, because the slightest mistake can be fatal.

You will come to a third section. Once again, spikes will pursue you, but this time they will be on a wall. Move quickly left to escape. During this long crossing, you will be faced again with obstacles: mud men and she worms will block the road, ropes will have to be climbed and phases of platforms will be crossed. But you will also have to take paths that force you to get closer to the walls of spades.

Once the crossing is over, climb the rope and climb to the top. Or you can go through a secret passageway behind the right wall, leading you to bonuses. In either case, you will arrive at the boss's room. Destroy the candle to reveal a Flashing Crystal. Take it, the bosses Death Bat will appear. This boss is able to fly, so you will be unable to touch him while it is in the air. Wait until it lands on the ground to inflict damage.

Once the boss is defeated, you can move on to the next level.

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