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Wallachia (ワラキア Warakia?), also found written Valachia or Valahia, is a historical and geographical region of Romania in Europe. It has oftentimes served as the setting, or at least a relevant location, in many installments of the Castlevania series; neighboring Transylvania and acting as the place of origin where the heroes or other relevant characters hail from, as well as also being considered as part of Dracula's realm.

Geography and history[]

Wallachia, in reality, is a region of Europe south of Transylvania and north of Bulgaria. Now part of Romania, Wallachia was in the Middle Ages an independent principality. One of its rulers, Vlad III Drăculea, lent his surname to Bram Stoker's fictional vampire.

The term "Wallachia" in Castlevania is oftentimes not only used as the proper region just "outside" of central Europe behind the Carpathian Mountains, but also as a fictional term for Dracula's realm, or the region of Transylvania. In contemporary German, the "Wallachei" still is in use as a term for behind the horizon - analog to its historical counterpart where people would neither speak Latin nor German; the end of the medieval world.

The Japanese rōmaji for Wallachia, "Warakiya", is used as the name of the Belmonts' hometown. The fictional town of Warakiya is generally said to be in Transylvania. Also, the opening prologue of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness states that the battle of 1476 (shown in Dracula's Curse) took place in Valachia (a variation on Wallachia).

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Castlevania (animated series)[]

Main article: Wallachia (animated series)

Wallachia is the main setting of the first seasons of the animated series and it remains a consistent topic throughout the rest of the episodes. This time it plays a more prominent role that it ever did in the games and provides an entire new array of cities and towns –both real and fictional– each with its own respective lore. The political relations of Wallachia with some of its neighboring countries are also presented, which in certain cases have turned hostile.


  • Members of the Belnades Clan generally use a magic staff that is sometimes referred to as the "Warakiya Staff" in allusion to this region.

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