For the Lament of Innocence antagonist, see Walter Bernhard.

Walter appears as a puppet in Lords of Shadow 2.

Walter Bernhard was the head of the Bernhard Family and the lord of the Bernhard Castle before Carmilla took over it. He was the master of Friedrich Von Frankenstein and is known for cursing the Toy Maker.


Walter Bernhard was the leading member of a family of occultists.

At some point he learned of the kindly Toy Maker's skills, and invited him to work at his castle. The Toy maker agreed. However, Walter had tricked him and imprisoned him in the castle. He also summoned a demon from Hell to possess the Toy Maker, forcing him to create toys and contraptions for his castle.

At some point the Toy Maker's spell was broken by the kindness of the puppet of a young boy. Walter figured this out and was on his way to put a curse on the Toy Maker again. However, knowing there was no escape, the Toy Maker removed his own heart and gave it to the boy puppet to hide it for him, so Walter could not corrupt him again.


Note: These artworks are all the Toy Maker's Puppets, not Walter himself.


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