Water Ghosts are enemies in the Castlevania series.


Ghosts that use water as medium to manifest themselves in this plane. Once they have acquired this liquid form, they will start floating slowly toward the player. While they can be destroyed in just a single hit from any weapon, the threat they pose comes from their tendency to attack in large numbers and populate the screen while the player is occupied dealing with other enemies.


Castlevania Chronicles

First appearance in the series. Aqua Children appear as blobs of floating water that slowly ascend from a large fountain located in the Courtyard. They hover slowly toward the player and randomly "drip" down to a lower height to evade attacks. They don't spawn infinitely in this game, though, so the player can clear the area of them.

Aqua Child 3 300
3. The Courtyard

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Water Ghosts appear in the clocktower and are the main enemies encountered along the vertical sections that comprise this stage. They take the form of floating skulls that spawn infinitely from the various cascades found throughout the level. Given the general lack of space to maneuver appropriately in this area, they can become a real nuisance should the player let them populate the screen. Fortunately, a single strike is all it takes to destroy them.

Rob-waterskullWater Ghost DXC
Name Alt. Name HP EXP
Water Ghost - 1 50
7. Clocktower

Castlevania: Dracula X

Water Ghosts have a more prominent role in Dracula X, being the main enemies encountered along the water-themed sunken city stage. As expected, they spawn in endless numbers from the various bodies of water encountered throughout the level, populating the screen while the hero is usually fending off other enemies. Furthermore, they will incessantly keep harassing the player while they're riding moving platforms over bottomless pits, or while trying to outrun a flooding section at the middle of the stage, effectively setting them for potential instant deaths.

Name JPN
Water Ghost
5'. Sunken City
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