The Were-Horse is an enemy in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


The tikbalang is a creature of Philippine folklore said to lurk in the mountains and forests of the Philippines. It is a tall, bony humanoid creature with the head and hooves of a horse and disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats down. In some versions, it is a transformation of an aborted fetus sent to Earth from limbo.


A modified sprite of the Minotaur, it is covered in light brown fur. A crest of dark brown fluff sits atop its neck, and it wears a small loincloth around its waist. The Were-Horse comes armed with a big warhammer and advances slowly toward the player; once this is in a considerable proximity, the monster quickly lunges forward while swinging his weapon, which it smashes on the ground producing damaging debris to break out from it.

Keeping a safe distance and using ranged attacks (such as throwing Crucifixes at it) is a good way to deal with them.

Enemy Data

Were-Horse ワーホース Wāhōsu 400 1,970
ATK DEF Location
540 360 Outer Wall
Common Drop Rare Drop
Meat (1.5%) Defense Armband (1%)
Resistance Earth

Item Data

Item Data: Were-Horse
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Meat CotM Icon.png Meat (jpn) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Recover 50 HP. Recovery Item (Food)
HP +50
Drop: Gorgon, Fox Hunter, Hipogriff, Merman, Werewolf, Were-Horse
Defense Armband Icon.png Defense Armband (Bangle of Firmness) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Defense increases greatly while equipped. Arm (Bracelet)
DEF +100, STR -25, INT -25, LCK -25
Drop: Were-Horse

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