For the enemy called "Werebeast" in Legacy of Darkness, see Weretiger.

Any half-man/half-beast is called a Werebeast. The most common kinds of werebeasts are the Werewolf, followed by the Minotaur (Were-Bull), which are commonly found together. Starting with Castlevania (N64), a variety of other types of werebeasts have made appearances.

The Were Bane is a weapon that is especially strong against werebeasts.


Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness features a village of cursed "man beasts", of which the protagonist, Cornell, and his childhood friend and rival, Ortega, are ones. It is implied each inhabitant of such village transforms into a different animal; Cornell is a werewolf while Ortega is shown to start transforming into a were-feline beast before he changes into a chimera (product of Dracula's power). The appearance of many other werebeasts throughout the game (weretiger, wereleopard, wereboar, etc.) further support this theory.

Enemy DataEdit

See: Werebeast/Enemy Data


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