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What the Night Brings is the eighth episode of the third season, and the 20th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Something is alive in the priory's basement, and for Belmont and Sypha, time is of the essence. Lenore opens up to Hector about Carmilla’s plans.


Carmilla's Castle

Striga is redrawing her battle plans when Morana walks in. She's concerned with the human's abilities to regain control. Morana, on the other hand, doesn't believe that's possible. She begs her lover to come back to bed by soothing Striga's worries. Carmilla walks in on them and they talk about their new strategy.

Hector is reading a book when Lenore walks into his cell. He notices Lenore's ring. It's a sign of loyalty to each other; each member of the Council of Sisters wears one. The ring's black and the red features represent the night and the blood, symbols that bind the sisters together.

Hector is fascinated with the book –vampire philosophy– that's he's reading. He realizes that there's more depth to vampire culture than he initially thought. The book contains ideas about the physical presence in the world, like the importance of soil and landscape and being.

The forgemaster's enthusiasm leads Lenore to set her plan in motion. With lust in her eyes, Lenore asks Hector to leave with her if he wants to be with her.

Belmont Hold

Sumi and Taka get themselves ready for another day of training. Even though they are grateful that Alucard is helping them, they suspect that he's holding things back.


Saint Germain can't believe his eyes. Right in front of him, a night creature. At first, it seemed to be unconscious, but suddenly it began to move. Fearing for his life, the aristocrat runs upstairs and right into Sala and his men. Thinking on his feet, Saint Germain comes with an elaborate story about contamination and doors opening to Hell. Even so, Sala doesn't heed his warning.

Trevor is interrogating the captured monk. However, the monk isn't revealing anything useful. Even so, he does divulge that each day the monks go to other towns, spreading the word. It's their Visitor's plan. While the Judge believes that the night creature has driven the monks, Sypha thinks otherwise. The members of the monastery might be the victims.

Saint Germain walks in and reveals that the monks have a night creature in the basement. Before they can continue talking, Trevor knocks the scarred monk out cold. While Sala and the monks have a clear goal in mind, Saint Germain excitedly blurts out that clergyman has the means and information to create something much greater, the Rebis. A missed opportunity to complete alchemy itself.

They come with a plan to fight the mad monks and get rid of the night creature. Not only that, but Trevor and Sypha will also help Saint Germain to open the Infinite Corridor.

Meanwhile, Sala and his followers are pleading to the night creature and his forgemaster, Isaac. It seems the clergyman is aware that a battle will occur at sundown.

It's time. Trevor, Sypha, Saint Germain, and the Judge with his men-at-arms are heading to the monastery. Simultaneously, the monks and the night creature are getting ready for battle.

Dracula's Castle

Sumi and Taka get the feeling that Alucard is hiding something from them. Taka can't hold it any longer and confronts Alucard. There are parts of the castle that Alucard avoids showing the duo, and they want to know why. The young dhampir tries to ease their minds by telling them that they have plenty of time together to explore the caste. Instead of pressing on, the vampire hunters agree and head toward the kitchen.



Trevor: Cats just want to get on with their lives.
Judge: God is no longer in that house.
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