The Wheeled Knight is an enemy in Castlevania: Bloodlines.


An armored knight with wheels for legs. It is essentially a Hammer Shaker without the heavy armor who charges at the player at great speed in an attempt to run them over. Only one appears in the entire game, at the middle of the long hallway that leads to the Silhouette Demon in Versailles Palace.

Each time he is struck he will be sent back a little, although he will immediately regain traction and continue his charge, meaning that most likely he cannot be hit more than once per strike.

Dealing with him is more a matter of precision in order to make each hit count. If the player attacks recklessly just hoping that all hits connect, the knight may find an opening through their attacks.

Enemy Data

Name Alt. Name
Wheeled Knight Wheeling Knight[1]
5. Versailles Palace


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