Simon Belmont with the Vampire Killer.

As the name implies, Whip is a damage type inflicted on enemies by using the Castlevania weapon of choice: the whip.

This special lashing effect is akin to a flail or a single-headed version Meteor Hammer, but is special since it includes some of the most notable and infamous weapons found in any, if not all, Castlevania games.

Before Portrait of Ruin, attacks from whips were generally classified as neutral or Strike damage.

Known whipsEdit

Vampire KillerEdit


Simon Belmont with the Vampire Killer.

Main article: Vampire Killer

The legendary whip wielded by the Belmont clan. The whip is possessed by magical properties which allow it to destroy evil. Special rituals are needed for those who are not of Belmont blood to use it, and they must choose wisely when using the whip after unlocking its power — if they overuse it, death will be their punishment.

Whip of AlchemyEdit

Leon Belmont2

Leon Belmont with the Alchemy Whip.

Main article: Whip of Alchemy

The Alchemy Whip used to be an ordinary whip before Rinaldo Gandolfi used the mystic, and at the time forbidden, arts of Alchemy to give it extra power. Wielded by Leon Belmont, this gave him the advantage at getting through Walter Bernhard's castle, but wasn't strong enough to do any damage to the powerful vampire. It was later, through a sacrificial ritual, that the Alchemy Whip was transformed into the now famous whip: Vampire Killer.

Hunter WhipEdit


Nathan Graves with the Hunter Whip.

Main article: Hunter Whip

The Hunter Whip is passed down through the Baldwin clan. It was used by Nathan Graves in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. The weapon seems able to be used by anyone with a pure spirit, untainted by evil. It is an interesting weapon of choice — there is a magic linked to the whip known as the Dual Setup System. Using a combination of attribute and action cards, the user can change the form and elements of the whip, grant passive abilities, turn him into a skeleton, absorb an element's damage and convert it into vitality, or even provide a enhancement to movement speed.

Other whipsEdit

Damage typeEdit

Main article: Whip/Portrait of Ruin

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Whips
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Vkill-whip1 Whip (jpn) - Vampire Killer [edit]
' Whip
Simon Belmont 
Attrib: 1 Attack
Find: Starts out with
Hcast-whip Whip - Haunted Castle [edit]
Normal power. Whip
Simon Belmont 
Sotn-whip Vampire Killer [alt] - Symphony of the Night [edit]
' Other Attack (Whip)
Find: start with
Effect: Standard Attack
Special: Brandish Whip; Fire Whip
Flame-whip Fire Whip - Symphony of the Night [edit]
' Action
Attrib: Fire
Sequence: Press and Hold [Special] (Triangle for PS) with no sub-weapon equipped
Gb3-whip1 Normal Whip - Legends [edit]
In Standard Mode, players start in a normal state with a normal whip. Weapon (Whip)
Find: Start a life with (Standard Mode)
Evolve: + Crystal > Power One Whip
Gb3-whip2 Power One Whip - Legends [edit]
When you increase one level, the length of the whip increases 1.5 times, doubling your attacking power. Weapon (Whip)
Create: Normal Whip + Crystal
Evolve: + Crystal > Power Two Whip
Gb3-whip3 Power Two Whip - Legends [edit]
By increasing a second level, the whip begins to emit fire balls. Weapon (Whip)
Find: Start a life with (Light Mode)
Create: Power One Whip + Crystal
Whip of Alchemy Whip of Alchemy - Lament of Innocence [edit]
The whip Rinaldo created with Alchemy. Whip
Leon Belmont 
Whip of Flames Whip of Flames - Lament of Innocence [edit]
Fire elemental added onto the Whip of Alchemy. Whip
Leon Belmont 
Attrib: Fire
Drop: Flame Elemental
Whip of Ice Whip of Ice - Lament of Innocence [edit]
Ice elemental added onto the Whip of Alchemy. Whip
Leon Belmont 
Attrib: Ice
Drop: Frost Elemental
Whip of Lightning Whip of Lightning - Lament of Innocence [edit]
Lightning elemental added onto the Whip of Alchemy. Whip
Leon Belmont 
Attrib: Thunder
Drop: Thunder Elemental
Vampire Killer Vampire Killer - Lament of Innocence [edit]
The whip that will destroy all who are related to the kindred of the night. Whip
Leon Belmont 
Vampire Killer Icon Vampire Killer - Harmony of Despair [edit]
Legendary Whip and the bane of all vampires. Whip
Jonathan, Julius, Richter, Simon 
ATK +3
Sell: (cannot be sold) 
Find: Start with