The White Persian Cat Ears and Black Persian Cat Ears are head accessories in Castlevania Judgment. They can be equipped to customize the appearance of a character.

Item Data

Item Data: White Persian Cat Ears
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
White Persian Cat Ears White Persian Cat Ears - Judgment [edit]
White Persian cat ears that are soft to the touch. Show off your pampered-kitten side by wearing this with the matching tail! Head Gear
Find: Clear Room 27 in Castle Mode with Aeon.
Black Persian Cat Ears Black Persian Cat Ears - Judgment [edit]
They will all want to cross your path when you wear these velvety black Persian cat ears. Add the matching tail to complete the look. Head Gear
Find: Get ??? wins in Survival Mode.


  • The description of the Black Persian Cat Ears says: "they will all want to cross your path"; this is in reference to the old superstition of a black cat crossing one's path being considered of bad luck, giving it an opposite sense.

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