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"A winged dragon with a striking crest, feared as the Hunter of the Skies. It's main diet is fish."
— Description

Wingosaurus is a Bird-Type Innocent Devil in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It is a Level 3 Innocent Devil, and can learn Long Glide and Deadly Absorb. It can be obtained from a Skull Wing Devil by using 70 Red or Blue Evo Crystals.

General information

The Wingosaurus evolution is the only Bird-type Innocent Devil to have a full-supportive ability set, which means it lacks an offensive purpose. Hence, it's also the only Bird-type that can heal Hector (by using the Deadly Absorb ability). Aside from this, evolving a Bird-type Devil to a Wingosaurus is a mandatory requirement should the player wish to enter the Tower of Evermore, as the Long Glide is the only ability that allows Hector to access it through the roof of the Tower of Eternity.


The following table represents the stat gain per level of the Wingosaurus.[1]

Statistic Per Level
Heart +4.5
Attack +0.4
Magic +1
Defense +3
Agility +2


Item Data: Wingosaurus Abilities
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Long Glide CoD Icon Long Glide - Curse of Darkness [edit]
Uses legs to propel Hector long distances. Allows access to places a normal jump cannot reach. Innocent Devil Abilities
Consume: 0 Hearts  First Obtained: Enemy defeats
Effect: Carries Hector over gaps.
Special: Allows access to the Tower of Eternity.
Deadly Absorb CoD Icon Deadly Absorb - Curse of Darkness [edit]
Drains HP & gives it to Hector. Innocent Devil Abilities
Consume: 30 Hearts  First Obtained: Enemy defeats



  • The descriptions for the basic Glide and the Long Glide abilities are actually the same, even though the Long Glide is obviously an upgrade.


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