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With Light's Castle from Dawn of Sorrow.

With Light's Castle (informal name) is a castle built by the cult With Light strongly resembling Dracula's Castle that serves as their headquarters. It is in an unknown location in the world (although the snow in the area would suggest that it is located in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere or at least in a very elevated, mountainous terrain). The castle itself seems to draw power from a location called The Abyss, which appears to be somehow connected to Chaos, the source of Dracula's powers, as the Dark Lord candidates need to travel there to finalize their transformation into the Dark Lord. Another indicator to this would be the presence of Death, Dracula's eternal confidant, guarding the entrance portal to the area. The castle also houses several of Dracula's known servants, such as the Puppet Master, Zephyr and Balore (as confirmed by the novel).

A strong indicator that the With Light castle is not Dracula's Castle is the fact that the traditional pillar guardian monsters are missing: Medusa, the Mummy, Frankenstein's creature (although weaker forms of it roam the castle) and the Giant Bat (although Bat Company could be a form of the Giant Bat).




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