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The Wizard is an enemy in the Castlevania series. He is a magic user who moves via levitation. He attacks with long-range magic and may buff or heal other monsters.


Also known as Sorcerers, Magicians, or Warlocks, Wizards are the equivalent of a male Witch. They often control magic with the use of staves and in most cases displace themselves both through levitation as well as teleportation; often using these abilities to escape and/or remain out of the player's reach and attack them from afar, likely due to their usual fragile frame.

Necromancers are wizards with the ability to raise the dead. Some wizards may be related to the gypsies, and some are also ghosts.

Rohan Krause was a magician skilled in elemental alchemy.


Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

The malevolent wizard Dark Side controls a gigantic storm cloud. He teleports around the screen, but before he fully materializes, he'll first take the form of a crystal. This is the time to attack. Once Dark Side does appear, he cannot be harmed and will command a storm cloud to fire lightning bolts which will send shockwaves a short distance along the ground.

Name JPN Alt. Name
Dark Side Lightning
Crystal Castle
This Boss of Crystal Castle will appear as a crystal,(...)

Castlevania Chronicles

The Wizard is the boss of the third stage, the Courtyard. Found at the end of the frozen cave, this fight could prove to be difficult if he's allowed to cast his spells. He initially appears high on the room, out of the reach of Simon's whip, so bringing the Axe could prove to be quite useful in this fight.

His attacks include:

  • Summons large pillars of ice to rise from the ground.
  • Summons three daggers that are then sent flying toward the player at great speed.
  • Conjures three magical dragon-like heads with slight homing capabilities. These travel fast, but can be destroyed in midair. Furthermore, they don't actually inflict any damage, but instead will power down Simon's whip a level and drain a few Hearts from his supply.
  • Summons a demon from another dimension which breathes a cloud of harmful gas. The monster is indestructible, so the player must instead endure for the duration of the attack. Probably, the best way to avoid it is by luring him into starting the attack near the middle of the screen and then move toward one of the corners until it (literally) runs out of breath.

The Wizard will usually start the encounter by conjuring large pillars of ice to raise from the ground, apparently in an attempt to impale Simon with the sharp ice shards on the ceiling; however, these pillars actually work against him in this fight and are the key to defeat him, as making contact with the ceiling shards doesn't actually inflict any damage, and the pillars themselves won't rise high enough to smash the player into the ceiling, so they're safe to ride.

Fortunately, every time the Wizard is struck, he'll vanish and be forced to reappear somewhere else, canceling his current casting. If the player is quick enough and attacks him constantly throughout the whole encounter, the battle can be over in a matter of seconds.

Wizard 31 20,000
3. Courtyard

Castlevania: Bloodlines

The Wizard appears midway through the second stage, the Atlantis Shrine, and acts as a miniboss of sorts. His only attack consists in conjuring copious rain to pour down in an attempt to flood the stage and drown the player. Similar to his Chronicles counterpart, every time he's struck, he'll vanish and appear on the other side of the screen, so it's just a matter of attacking him constantly until he's defeated.

Name Alt. Name
Wizard Water Magician
2. Atlantis Shrine

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Unlike previous appearances, the Wizard can no longer float high up in the air and instead simply moves along the ground. However, he can use his staff to throw fireballs and heal surrounding enemies injured by the player.

No. Name JPN HP
12 Wizard Lv.6 71
Tolerance Weakness
Thunder, Earth
Location Drop Steal EXP
Abandoned Castle, Baljhet Mountains Rare Drop: Spirit of Fuji Memorial Ticket 5
Description "A magic user who moves via levitation. Attacks with long-range magic and heals other monsters."

No. Name JPN HP
18 Wizard Lv.8 84
Tolerance Weakness
Thunder, Earth -
Location Drop Steal EXP
Garibaldi Temple, Tower of Eternity Rare Drop: Spirit of Fuji Memorial Ticket 7
Description "A magic user who moves via levitation. Attacks with long-range magic and heals other monsters."

There is another variety of Wizard in the game, the Dark Warlock. He can also attack the player, summoning two fireballs or a candle of energy. He cannot heal monsters, but can instead increase their strength and defense to make them more difficult to kill.

No. Name JPN HP
40 Dark Warlock Lv.17 145
Tolerance Weakness
Fire Thunder, Earth
Location Drop Steal EXP
Mortvia Aqueduct, Forest of Jigramunt Common Drop: Steel

Rare Drop: Spirit of Fuji

$50 29
Description "A black magic user who spreads corruption. Raises other monsters' attack and defense strengths."

No. Name JPN HP
116 Dark Warlock Lv.42 330
Tolerance Weakness
Fire Thunder, Earth
Location Drop Steal EXP
Tower of Evermore Common Drop: Steel

Rare Drop: Spirit of Fuji

$50 262
Description "A black magic user who spreads corruption. Raises other monsters' attack and defense strengths."

Known sorcerers

Item Data

Item Data: Wizards
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Spirit of Fuji Spirit of Fuji - Curse of Darkness [edit]
A godly material from a distance mountain in the East. Prized for its use in many different weapons. Material
Sell: $75  Find: Mortvia Aqueduct F1, Aiolon Ruins, Infinite Corridor 3F
Rare Drop: Dark Warlock Lv.17/42, Necromancer Lv.31/35, Wizard Lv.6/8
Steal: Lesser Demon Lv.13/23
Memorial Ticket CoD Memorial Ticket - Curse of Darkness [edit]
Warps to last registered save point. Special
Sell: $10  Buy: $20 Find: Abandoned Castle, Baljhet Mountains
Steal: Wizard Lv.6/8
Steel Steel - Curse of Darkness [edit]
Regular steel. Easy to find but brittle and hard to shape. Used more for weapons than armor. Material
Sell: $30  Common Drop: Bone Soldier Lv.13/18, Dark Warlock Lv.17/42, Great Armor Lv.25/35/46
$50 - Curse of Darkness [edit]
' Pick-Up
Gold + 50
Find: Candelabras
Steal: Executioner Lv.2/26/47, Ghost Lv.3/11, Merman Lv.4/15/35, Blood Skeleton Lv.5/75, Lizardman Lv.6/23, White Dragon Lv.10/38, Bone Soldier Lv.13/18/38, Ectoplasm Lv.16/22/37, Dark Warlock Lv.17/42, Gaibon Lv.17/34/45, Wolf Skeleton Lv.17/33, Frost Dragon Lv.19/39, Thunder Dragon Lv.20/40, Sniper Orc Lv.24/30


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