The Wizardry Lab is a location in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.


An area where magical experiments and studies are done in secret. It has tall bookcases housing dark recipes and tables for chemistry equipment. The lab is located underneath the castle and is the most modern looking of the castle's environments, with power generators taking up a good deal of space. One can find all kind of experiments and an underground aquatic cavern housing Homunculi. It connects to the Lost Village and Subterranean Hell via an underground tunnel.

Within the lab, one will encounter Witches and animated creatures like Skeletons, Armors and Golems. Additional monsters such as Slimes, Ghosts, Manticores, Mermen, Heart Eaters, etc. can also be found in this location.

In this location, Soma has his first meeting with the three most prominent members of Celia's cult. After a short verbal encounter, Soma will advance onward and soon face the area's imposing boss creature, Balore. After he is defeated, Soma gains Destructive Glare, an ability that allows him to destroy ice blocks onscreen. It allows him to escape the area in the lab and proceed to the Garden of Madness.



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