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The Dark Lord Canditates
(Somewhere in the Wizardry Lab)

Soma Cruz: !! You!
(Celia and two others turns their attention to Soma)
Celia Fortner:'ve come. Just as I predicted.
Soma Cruz: Celia Fortner...
???: You're kiddin', right? You tellin' me this punk's the lord of darkness? Ha!
???: Judging matters merely on appearance? Tsk, tsk. Simpletons are so vexing.
???: What'd ya call me, Dmitrii?!
Dmitrii Blinov: Hmph. I merely stated a fact.
Celia Fortner: Dario, Dmitrii. Both of you, enough.
Dario Bossi: Tch!
Dmitrii Blinov: ...
Celia Fortner: Excuse their behavior. Welcome to our House, home to our Church.
Soma Cruz: You talk as if you were expecting me...
Celia Fortner: You fear that you will imperil innocents for who you are and can become. Am I not correct?
Soma Cruz: ...Yes. I fell for your ruse. Why would you want to resurrect the dark lord?
Celia Fortner: We do not desire the dark lord, per se. For god to be perfectly good, there must be a being of perfect darkness.
Soma Cruz: That has nothing to do with me. If this world does need a perfect dark being, one should emerge. Isn't that how it works?
Celia Fortner: Perhaps that is so. And perhaps it is not. What is true, however, is that the power of darkness steadily grows faint. The lord of darkness must be enthroned without fail. And not a moment too soon.
Soma Cruz: But that doesn't mean...
Dario Bossi: I heard enough already. Let's rip this punk apart right here and now!
Celia Fortner: Have patience. He will try to stop me using whatever means. There is no need for haste.
Dario Bossi: Hunh? What are you saying?
Dmitrii Blinov: He is in our hands now. We can destroy him whenever, however we wish.
Celia Fortner: Correct. This will also serve as a test for the both of you.
Dmitrii Blinov: I see.
Dario Bossi: Wait a second! Test? What test? I didn't hear about that!
Dmitrii Blinov: Are you incapable of thinking even a little? There is but one dark lord, yet there are two candidates--you and I.
Dario Bossi: Duh! I know that!
Dmitrii Blinov: Then get this through your hollow skull. Whoever defeats this boy becomes chosen as the lord of darkness.
Dario Bossi: Oh, I get it now... Yeah, okay! This'll make it fun! Next time I see you, punk, I'll burn you to ashes!
(Dario leaves)
Dmitrii Blinov: I shall depart, also. I see no significance in my presence here at this time.
(Dmitrii leaves)
Soma Cruz: So those two are the dark lord's candidates...
Celia Fortner: Correct.They were born at the same time as Dracula's demise. They are inheritors of Dracula's dark powers.
Soma Cruz: But that's no guarantee that they can become the dark lord.
Celia Fortner: They can. By shattering Dracula's soul. If you wish to stop me, I shall be waiting for you at the top. I may even change my mind if you survive my traps.

(Celia leaves)

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Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Location: Wizardry Lab
Background Music: First Encounter with the Dark Lord Canditates
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