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Worlds of Power 4 - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is a 144 pages novel published by Scholastic based on the game Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, released on early 1990 in the United States. In it, a modern day kid named Timothy Bradley, one of the best original Castlevania players, is enlisted by Simon Belmont to aid him in overcoming the curse that Dracula has placed upon him.



From Earth[]

  • Timothy Bradley - The young hero of the novel. He is master of the first Castlevania and because of this, he has been transported to Castlevania to help Simon Belmont on his new quest.
  • Judy Bradley - Timothy's mother who yells at him for playing too many video games.
  • Fred Bradley - Timothy's older brother who also plays Castlevania.
  • Carol Jance - The cutest girl in school.
  • Janet Morrison - A friend of Carol.
  • Burt Alvin - A bully and Janet's boyfriend.

From Castlevania[]

  • Simon Belmont - The hero of Castlevania. He seeks Tim's help to get his girlfriend back and overcome Dracula's curse.
  • Linda Entwhistle - Simon's beloved who did not return to him at the end of the original Castlevania.
  • Monk - Lives in the great church. Sells Timothy and Simon a mystery box of goods with the proceeds going to charity.
  • Pedersen - The proprietor of Hart and Sole Tavern.
  • Ezederada Perkins - An elderly woman and caretaker of Berkeley Mansion. The was trapped behind a wall of the mansion by Dracula and aided Simon and Timothy. Can experience visions.
  • Resistance Movement Gentleman - Resides and Veros and sold Simon a special Dagger.
  • Edward Farquar - An expert in warding off Vampires and an old friend of Simon's. Sells garlic and might just have a few Laurels lying around somewhere.
  • Richard Harelson - A member of the Resistance Movement who always wears gray. Is able to upgrade a White Crystal to a Blue Crystal, for a price.


  • Count Dracula - The villain at the end of Castlevania. Though dead, his spirit is able to influence the living.
  • Wraith-Ghouls - Horrible undead monsters that are only partially manifested in the world. They leave behind energy that Simon can use when they're killed.
  • Freddie Monster - A Troll and one of the "good" monsters who was too brainy to join Dracula's side. Resides at Berkeley Mansion.
  • Ghostly Eyeball - Guardian of Dracula's Rib in Berkeley Mansion.
  • Slimey BarSinister - A tentacled monster with a removable eye. Wants to eat Timothy and Simon, but not if they taste strange.
  • Thanatos - The Master of Death and the ruler of Ye Old Nasty Dimension.


On Earth[]

  • Earth - The realm where Timothy lives in and considered to be the "real world".
  • Timothy's home - The place where Timothy lives with his mother and possible brother and other relatives. He has a room where he plays Castlevania and other video games.
  • Timothy's Junior High - The school Timothy goes to.

In Castlevania[]

  • Castlevania - An alternate dimension where the Castlevania games take place. Dracula decided to make it his home.
  • Castlevania (town) - The first town Timothy visits in Castlevania.
  • Hart and Sole Tavern - A tavern and inn, and Timothy and Simon's main base of operations.
  • Church - The only church in Castlevania. Large enough for all the citizens of Castlevania to gather.
  • Bulgaria Road - A road near the church along the path to Berkeley Mansion.
  • Jova Woods - Woods en route to Berkeley Mansion.
  • Veros Woods - A place Freddie prefers to Ye Old Nasty Dimension.
  • Berkeley Mansion - An old haunted mansion that was once owned by an evil baron who killed his entire family, servants and guests. Houses Dracula's Rib.
  • Veros - A town where Timothy and Simon were able to acquire a Dagger and a Chain Whip.
  • Aljiba Woods - A quicksand infested forest. Timothy lost his chocolates in one.
  • Dabi's Path - A trail near the Aljiba Woods where simon found a Sacred Flame.
  • Aljiba - A town that appeared a little more dreary and under the spirit of Dracula's control than previous towns. Dracula tempts Timothy with chocolates in the guise of a cute girl while Simon was bartering to upgrade his crystal.
  • Ye Olde Anti-Vampire Shoppe - A shop in Aljiba specializing in defeating vampires and well known for the Garlic is peddles.
  • Rover Mansion - The mansion where the Dracula's Heart is kept.
  • Belasco Marsh - A marsh that needed to be crossed in order to find the next part of Dracula.
  • Brahm's Mansion - The mansion where Dracula's Eyeball is kept.

Ye Old Nasty Dimension[]

  • Ye Old Nasty Diminsion - The place where all monsters come from, including Count Dracula. Ruled by Thanatos.


From Earth[]

  • Gun - A firearm that would not be effective in Castlevania, since gunpowder doesn't explode in this realm.
  • Video games - Tim's favorite pastime. A copy of the game Castlevania exists in this world.
  • Chocolate - Another of Tim's favorite things. He brings a supply from home to Castlevania.
  • Puns - Play on words that can amuse or irritate those who hear it. Dracula cannot stand them and loses control of his intended victims upon hearing them.

From Castlevania[]

  • Thorn Whip - A whip made of thorns. Simon starts with this whip, but it soon becomes worn out. Another two are acquired from a grab bag in the church.
  • Magical Ring - A ring given to Simon by his girlfriend. Allows him to communicate at the Central Signpost.
  • Central Signpost - A signpost at the center of Castlevania. Contains a magical "screen" that can be used to communicate long distances with magical items. Linda is able to communicate with Simon and Timothy at this sign post.
  • Puzzles and riddles - Indirect hints. Information regarding Dracula's body parts can only be transmitted using puzzles and riddles.
  • Sword - The first weapon Simon gives to Timothy.
  • Seven Deadly Sins - A set of human vices including gluttony, lethargy, deceit, jealousy, lust, anger, and blasphemy. Dracula can gain control of his victim by luring them into indulging in them.
  • Dimensional Energy - The magical energy left behind by a slain monster. Can be absorbed by Simon or Tim and is used to fuel attacks.
  • Coins - Currency that can be traded with.
  • Candles - Adorn the church and Berkeley Mansion. Tend to get knocked down by whips.
  • Holy Water - Blessed water that can destroy evil - including evil walls and floors.
  • Magic Arrow - An arrow with feathers that appears similar to Native American arrowheads with magical properties. It pointed the way to a hidden chamber and was able to activate the White Crystal.
  • White Crystal - Magic crystal that glows white when in the presence of good magical items, but dims when in the presence of evil magical items. Can be upgraded to a Blue Crystal.
  • Dracula's body parts - Bodily remains of Dracula. These must be gathered and destroyed in order to defeat Dracula's curse.
  • Skeletons - Lifeless skeletons that are hung from the ceiling in the basement of Berkeley Mansion near the location of Dracula's Rib.
  • Stake - A magical item that can grant possession of Dracula's body parts. Given to Simon and Timothy by the caretaker of Berkeley Mansion.
  • Dracula's Rib - The first of Dracula's body parts to be found. Has a tendency to bang on drums in boredom.
  • Silver Dagger - A shiny, nice Dagger
  • Chain Whip - A whip formed of a specially pleated material. Rather light with an almost magical feeling.
  • Sacred Flame - A good magic fire adept at lighting torches.
  • Blue Crystal - An upgraded White Crystal that can grant is owners extra energy.
  • Garlic - Can ward of vampires.
  • Laurels - Stuffing these in your undergarments will prompt monsters to leave you alone in the forests around Belasco Marsh.
  • Mirror - Linda can also transmit her image over these objects to communicate.
  • Torch - Can light paths.
  • Dracula's Heart - The second of Dracula's body parts to be found. Imagined to be black.
  • Brain of Vlad - The third of Dracula's body parts to be found, in an unspecified location. Jokingly said to be rather light.
  • Dracula's Eyeball - The fourth of Dracula's body parts to be found.


# Chapter name Humans Monsters Places Items
1 Tim Simon Belmont (as played by Timothy Bradley, real Simon in background)
Timothy Bradley
Judy Bradley
Count Dracula (in game) Tim's Home
Castlevania (in game)
Garlic Necklace (in game)
Magic Crystal (in game)
2 Simon Simon Belmont (first dialog)
Carol Jance
Janet Morrison (mentioned)
Burt Alvin
Tim's Jr. High School
3 The Return of Dracula - Sort of Castlevania (real place)
Magical Ring
4 Castlevania Caper Linda Entwhistle (first mentioned) Count Dracula (possessing Simon) Dracula's body parts (mentioned)
5 Dr. Simon and Mr. Dracula
6 The Seven Deadly Sins Pedersen Wraith-Ghouls (mentioned) Hart and Sole Tavern Dimensional Energy
Diamonds (mentioned)
7 Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun Wraith-Ghouls Thorn Whip (used)
Sword (used)
Guns (mentioned)
8 The Signpost Linda Entwhistle (first dialog from a distance) Church (mentioned) Signpost
9 The Church Monk Church
Berkeley Mansion (mentioned)
Holy Water (acquired)
2 new Thorn Whips
White Crystal (acquired)
10 A Rib Tickler Ezederada Perkins (early appearance) Ghosts (mentioned) Berkeley Mansion Magic Arrow
White Crystal (used)
Holy Water (used)
11 Miss Ezederada Ezederada Perkins Freddie Monster (mentioned) Berkeley Mansion Stake
12 Stake Out Freddie Monster
Thanatos (mentioned)
Ghostly Eyeball (first seen)
Berkeley Mansion (Dungeon)
Ye Old Nasty Dimension (mentioned)
13 The Ghostly Eyeball Ghostly Eyeball
Dracula (Bone Golem form)
Berkeley Mansion Magic Arrow (used as a weapon)
14 You Take the High Road... Ezederada Perkins (flashback)
Resistance Movement Gentleman
Edward Farquar
Aljiba Woods
Veros (flashback)
Dabi's Path
Ye Olde Anti-Vampire Shoppe
Chain Whip
Sacred Flame
15 Red Rover, Blue Rover, Will You Come Over Edward Farquar
Linda Entwhistle (from a distance)
Richard Harrelson
Dracula (Melanie guise) Aljiba Blue Crystal
16 The Slime of Dracula Slimey BarSinister Belasco Marsh
Rover Mansion (flashback)
Brahm's Mansion (mentioned)
Dracula's Heart
Dracula's Brain
Dracula's eyeball
17 Thanatos
18 The Final Confrontation
19 Stor/Gal Cemetery
20 Deborah Cliff
21 The Castle Tower
22 The Final Confrontation: Part Two


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