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Worse Things Than Betrayal is the seventh episode of the third season, and the 19th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


As Saint Germain makes unsettling discoveries, Isaac marches toward a showdown. Meanwhile, Belmont and Sypha question a monk – aggressively.


Forest nearby Dracula's Castle

Sumi and Taka are tired from staying up late exploring the castle; their curiosity leads them to explore the engine that moved it. With Alucard accompanying them, they head toward the Belmont Hold, the final repository of a family who learned to do one thing: kill monsters. Alucard makes it clear that the duo must first start small. They must learn everything and, as such, equipping a new generation of monster hunters.


The Judge spots Saint Germain's walks and inquiries about his drinking mates, Trevor and Sypha. However, the aristocrat quickly dismisses him with some witty remark about toilet paper.

Saint Germain is back at the church, where he finds an unusual book. The author filled it with countless pictures of monsters, but what catches Saint Germain's attention are the missing sections. He questions Sala about the torn pages; however, the monk dismisses this for the book getting damaged throughout the years. Saint Germain retorts that someone or something removed the section within the last few months, as the soot on the edges is still loose.

The missing section involves methods and processes for returning people from Hell. However, Sala dismisses the aristocrat's suspicions with a witty remark about toilet paper. Saint Germain overlooks Sala's ignorance and points out that the book was written by a forgemaster some 200 years ago - an insane forgemaster who didn't practice in the usual way. However, Sala is more interested if the book mentions Dracula, which it doesn't.

The monks continue to carve ominous symbols around town. Trevor walks up to them and swiftly overwhelms them. He grabs one of them and drags him to the Judge's house.

Meanwhile, the Judge looks quite disturbed and cleaning his hands profusely. Trevor and Sypha walk in and drop the captured monk on the floor. Sypha believes that the monks are planning something magical in nature.

At the church, Saint Germain once again heads toward the basement. He hears strange sounds and sees a blinding light, but most weird of all is a night creature impaled to the walls.

Two weeks march from Styria

Isaac and his army of night creatures arrive to an abandoned town. However, it isn't as deserted as he thought. A blind woman is sitting on a rocking chair, having a smoke. She greets Isaac, and due to his smell, deciphers that he is a forgemaster. She warns Isaac that he won't find fresh bodies to kill and forge there.

The blind woman explains that once upon a time, the village was overflowing with people. The town's lack of people has to do with outside powers. She reveals that a nearby city –or rather prison– is more suitable to Isaac's needs. The town is run by a magician, who wants it to be populated with slaves. The older woman, which Isaac has smelled to be a fellow forgemaster, let this magician take her neighbors, shocking Isaac. A purple and menacing light starts emanating out of the older woman, warning Isaac of her power. She didn't help the townsfolk as she wasn't powerful enough to defeat him.

The woman introduces herself as Miranda, and also reveals an interesting tidbit; the magician has a transmission mirror, one that can transmit many people at once. Isaac can have his army and a way to get to Hector much faster than he anticipated.



Saint Germain: I am extremely famous and they wanted to meet someone who'd seen toilet paper.
Judge: What the *** is toiler paper?


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