"Father Nikolai founded this sleepy village, and others soon followed. Now, danger lurks in the surrounding wilderness and threatens Wygol's tranquility."
— In-game description

Wygol Village is a location in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Aside from Ecclesia, this is the only enemy-free area in the game. Wygol has some houses and inhabitants (that Shanoa must rescue throughout the game) who will give Shanoa side missions with rewards. Each villager has different kind of missions, according to his or her personality.


Visiting Wygol Village for the first time allows Shanoa to have a conversation with the village founder, Nikolai. She will then be given the task of finding the other twelve villagers who are imprisoned by releasing them from the Torpor glyphs. Rescuing them allows her to receive additional quests and better equipment. Lastly, if all of the thirteen villagers are rescued prior to the events of the Mystery Manor, Shanoa can access Dracula's Castle and finally obtain the good ending of the game.


  • Nikolai, the town's founder and the first villager Shanoa encounters, can be found here. He is rescued automatically during a cutscene.
  • In Albus Mode, the player starts in the village without any of its villagers, or even the cats.


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