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Yasuyuki Kase (加瀬 康之 Kase Yasuyuki?) (born March 14, 1971 in Ota, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese voice actor currently affiliated with Office Osawa. He is best known as the main Japanese dubbing actor for Ryan Reynolds, Paul Bettany and Leonardo DiCaprio. He is also known for Naruto (2002), Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (2003), and Final Fantasy XII (2006).

He voices Olrox in the Japanese dub of Castlevania: Nocturne.


Yasuyuki Kase graduated from Tokyo Announcement Academy Broadcast Voice Acting Department. In 1993, he entered the training school attached to Ezaki Productions. He was affiliated with Maus Promotions from 1995 to October 31, 2007. Afterward, he became a freelancer and joined Osawa Office from December 1, 2007.

Although his career is mainly in dubbing, he is also active in a wide range of areas, including appearing in many anime. He has mainly provided the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Paul Bettany, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Evans, and Josh Stewart when dubbing foreign films.

His first dubbing role as Leonardo DiCaprio was in Shutter Island. This work, which was his first in charge, received high praise and was even described as "the rumored super Japanese dubbing version". Since then, he has been in charge of dubbing DiCaprio for most of his productions.

His first dubbing role as Ryan Reynolds was in Wolverine: X-MEN ZERO. After being in charge of voicing Deadpool, he has been in charge of this character in most works and has established himself as Ryan Reynolds' main voice in Japan.


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