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"Vampires always have plans, don't we? Maybe it's just in our nature to overreach, grasp at too much at once, try to drink everything. Maybe that's why in the end, we win all the battles but always lose the war."

You Don't Deserve My Blood is the sixth episode of the fourth season, and the 28th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


As Isaac and his army of night creatures descend on Carmilla's castle, Hector rushes to finish his preparations before the bloody reunion begins.


Carmilla's castle[]

It's a cold night in Styria when suddenly a portal opens with hundreds of night creatures inside. The demons descend upon the castle and engage the vampire soldiers below. Carmilla's own night creature forces attempt to fight back alongside the soldiers and human mercenaries. Isaac watches from above until he decides to come down himself and attack the human archers. The Forgemaster fights his way inside the castle with the help of his powerful familiars.

Carmilla takes notice of the invasion, angering her. One of the night creatures reaches her chambers rather quickly but is brutally beheaded. Despite her efforts, Carmilla is faced with even more creatures. Irritated, she demands they step up and fight. As war rages throughout the castle, Lenore rushes to find Hector to take him to safety. She locates him and learns Isaac is the one invading.

Lenore attempts to relocate Hector, but he refuses and traps her inside a magic cage to prevent her from interfering and also to protect Lenore herself from danger. She doesn't understand what's happening and Hector relays a message to Saint Germain using a transmission mirror, further confusing her. Lenore asks what Hector is up to and he admits he's been conspiring with others to revive Dracula. He laid the cage trap to deal with Lenore, and she calls him crazy for going through with all of this. Hector argues he's always been crazy and claims he's going sane now.

Isaac arrives shortly after, and Hector demands he leave her out of their personal conflict. He reveals the plot to revive Dracula and says he's done everything to atone for the betrayal. Ready for Isaac to take his revenge, Hector offers his life to him without a fight asking in exchange to spare Lenore. However, Isaac reveals he's not here to take revenge. He believes it's time for both of them to grow beyond revenge, to find their own way.

Isaac asks Hector to tell his night creatures, but he's unable to do so. Instead, Hector gives him a rune that will give him access to an escape channel created when Hector places those mysterious devices in the cracks of the castle. This channel will take Isaac to the top of the castle, and Lenore stays safe with Hector in return. Even with the channel, it will take time to fight Hector's night creatures. To deal with this, Hector severs his ring finger, and Isaac cauterizes the wound for him.

No longer under the ring's spell, Hector cuts off all control Carmilla has over his night creatures. Isaac thanks his former fellow and leaves after, further frustrating Lenore who feels helpless to stop him (because it could possibly endanger Hector in return). Distraught, Lenore comments that Isaac will murder Carmilla, and Hector confirms it but comments that Isaac won't harm Lenore herself and expresses his surprise that Isaac decided to spare him too. Isaac goes outside and calls his strongest demons to his side before activating the channel that takes him directly to Carmilla.

As blood from the long fight fills her chambers, Carmilla continues to desperately fight the demons attempting to consume her life. Isaac confronts her directly, and she asks if this is about Dracula. She directs Isaac to Hector, but he reveals the humans are sticking together. Isaac recognizes Carmilla's ambitions have grown out of control, and she has to be dealt with.

Isaac and Carmilla come to blows directly, beginning with a one-on-one on the bloody floor until more and more of the Forgemaster's creatures come to his aid. They continue to fight until Carmilla ultimately exhausts herself fighting the countless monsters. Refusing to allow Isaac or his puppets to have her blood, Carmilla decides to take her own life. She stakes herself and explodes, nearly destroying the top of the castle. As Striga and Morana return to Styria, they feel Carmilla die and decide that her schemes are over. They assume Lenore lost her life as well. Rather than risk their lives going in to retake the castle, the two lovers decide to go off on their own. They decide they don't need anything other than each other and ride west.

Following Isaac's victory, he meets with Hector to talk about Dracula's resurrection. Hector wants penance, but Isaac believes Dracula has earned his rest. Isaac doesn't blame Hector for what happened after taking so much time to think. He admits to having talked to people, and Hector points out how much he's changed. Isaac believes Hector has changed as well and implores him to allow Dracula to sleep forever. Isaac asks what Hector wants now, and the latter decides he simply wants to be left alone with Lenore.

Isaac plans to start building a new way to live and looking to the future. Dracula lived one long night rather than looking to the future. He shouldn't be disturbed, and instead, Isaac will build something new. Isaac concludes his statement by smiling and proclaiming that he's going to live.



Hector: I've been conferring with fellow scholars on a way to bring Dracula back. It seemed only fair, since I got him killed in the first place. And I laid a few traps in here during the month, because, well, you never know when you're going to need a good cage, do you?
Lenore: You've gone mad.
Hector: I've been mad. This doesn't feel like that. Maybe I've gone sane.
Isaac: Lady.
Lenore: *** you!
Carmilla : Is that Isaac? The least interesting man in Dracula's castle.
Isaac: Hello Carmilla.
Carmilla: Eat ***! Is this about Dracula? Hector's downstairs, if you want someone to kill.
Isaac: I've spoken to Hector.
Carmilla: Oh I see. The humans are sticking together.
Isaac: I understand you have developed some more ambitions.
Carmilla: I'm nothing but ambition. I'm a queen. This world belong to me... because the likes of you never knew what to do with it!
Isaac: I am not sure that is the point of having a world.
Carmilla: What kind of druid *** is that?
Isaac: An opinion I came to after wandering the world following your destruction of Dracula, his army and his castle.
Carmilla: I never touched his *** castle. (chuckle softly) So you've personally come to Styria to kill me, is that it?
Isaac: I think the world would be a better place without you, yes. You can't be trusted. I would always fear you and your ambitions. So, yes I'm very much afraid I have to kill you.
Carmilla: Look at you all! You’re not big enough to kill me... you’re nothing! You don’t deserve my blood. And when you die and go to Hell... I’ll be there waiting for you... with a sharp bloody stick and the determination to find out if you can die twice. I am Carmilla of Styria and *** you! I win.
Morana: Striga... you and I? It's not like we ever really needed anything else.
Striga: You and I forever.
Isaac: How is your hand?
Hector: I may never play the pipe organ again.
Isaac: Did you ever?
Hector: No, but I might have wanted to.





  • This is the only episode of the series where Trevor doesn't appear.
  • During the night creatures' attack on Carmilla's guards, Abel is shown punching one of them at high speed. This resembles Jotaro Kujo's Stand "Star Platinum" and its main method of attacking, as seen in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Unlike Abel, who remains silent during the attack, Star Platinum shouts during its attack, with a cry of "ORA ORA ORA ORA!" while punching its target.
  • When activating the magic trap, Hector uses the spell: "Dantalion presidio!". Dantalion is a demon's name and presidio (praesidiō) means "protection" in Latin in dative or ablative case. The phrase, however, isn't constructed correctly grammatically, because Dantalion isn't declined. However, judging by the dative or ablative case of presidio, the intent of the spell can be roughly understood as "Protection [coming] from Dantalion" or "Dantalion [giving power] to protection [spell]", which highlights that Hector intended to use that spell to protect Lenore and save her from the fighting, besides stopping her from interfering with him giving up his life to Isaac.